Monday, January 12, 2015


This will not be the first quilt of 2015, nor will it be the last for 2014.
I got a good bit behind blogging my quilts in 2014 and plan to catch up this month.

Also, I thought that I had already revealed this quilt, but I guess I just missed it.

Here is the gorgeous Serenity:
The back is a beautiful castle fabric that has what can only be thought of as princesses and a few frogs. I is the perfect fabric for this quilt in colors and for the fact that this little girl is called their little princess. I gave my friend a choice of fabrics and this is the one that we both chose.
Perfect? I think so.

The binding was a pink fabric that I had on hand. It just looked absolutely perfect with this quilt!

One last picture to show off the quilting. I think that the quilting shines on this quilt and really adds to the appeal of this quilt. It helps to liven the patchwork up a little. I think all in all this is a perfectly sweet little girl's quilt.
Maybe I should rename it Perfect Serenity. It would be a perfect name, right?

And we have a perfect-sweet little princess quilt and the only fabric bought was for the backing.
Love it!

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