Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Challenges/ Resolutions

This past year I made a few quilty challenges/ resolutions:

2014 Challenges/ Resolutions

This is new for me and maybe a little late in the month to post. I do not make New Year's challenges or resolutions, although I usually have a few plans. This year I have plans, but I want to put them here so that I will feel more of a push to complete them.

So, plans/ challenges/ resolutions for 2014:

Crown Royal quilt-I have been promising a quilt for my husband made out of the bags that he has saved over more than a decade. I have been gathering inspiration on
Pinterest. So many possibilities and possibly more than one quilt with what I have. I hope to have it finished by December. That should be plenty of time.

Three "Finishing the Unfinished" quilt tops-as I have stated, I have three more quilt tops to finish for my friend. I plan to have these finished before mid May.
Also, I hope to make a series on my blog using this title. I have in the past finished quilt tops that others have made. I feel that there are many quilt tops that should be finished, and I plan to continue this.

I also currently have two baby quilts to make with varying completion dates.

That is really all the quilty goals I have planned this year. I am sure there will be a lot more quilt than these six, but this is a good start, right?

I have a really big non-quilt goal/plan for this summer-fall. Let's just hope it works out.
As I am sure you have noticed, I did not complete most of this. That is not to say that I haven't worked on any of it or even thought about it.
I worked on the Crown Royal quilt several times, but never got things rolling.
I finished one of the quilt tops for my friend and will get on that for the other two. I have backing fabric already; I just never worked any further on the other two. They are next on my list after I finish a t-shirt quilt that needs to be finished asap.
I did finish the two baby quilts and several more, as expected.
Most of all I wanted to complete the  last goal. I concentrated on it more that any thing, and it really took a lot of my time. It in many ways drained me. It is a BIG life goal that will continue to draw much of my attention.
So, what about challenges/ resolutions for 2015?
*t-shirt quilt Feb. 2015
*finish friend's quilt tops (#1 Mar. 2015)
*Auburn Strip quilt (top finished: Mar)
*Jewel Tone quilt
*Crown Royal quilt
*hound's-tooth quilt (top finished: Mar)
*Batik Slash Sash (top finished: Feb)
*BIG life goal

I have put these on my white board at home with dates. I plan to get most of these quilts finished before June and the Crown Royal quilt before August. With these written where I can see them, I am sure I will have  better success rate in 2015.

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