Friday, January 16, 2015

High School T-shirt Quilt

I have been working quietly on a huge t-shirt quilt.

It is the biggest quilt that I have ever made (93"x96"). There were times when I wondered what was wrong with me; why was I making such a big quilt?

In the end, as always, there is a love for making things and the thanks and love from the recipient.

As I quilted this quilt I thought of the person that would get this quilt and all of the memories that she held in these t-shirts. I hoped for the best future for her as I worked on her pleasant past. As I thought of these things, the size was not a problem and the quilt was finished quickly. It also helped that I made a decision to quilt four blocks a day until all 49 of them where finished.

First, I quilted a straight line from top to bottom on the piecing line, then I quilted each quilt block with free-motion quilting.

These are just a few:


I wanted to have a different quilting pattern for each quilt block, but it was getting difficult. Instead I used many similar patterns but tried to make them a little different in each one.

I was able to finish this quilt just in time for Christmas. It felt really good to make a decision, set a deadline, and make it happen. It feels even better to give a gift that is loved so much.

So, here is a full view of the quilt top before quilting:
Forgive the office supplies in the corner. Just keeping it real.

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