Monday, August 5, 2013

No Sewing Macine Means

So, what have I been doing without my sewing machine? I shared that I cleaned the sewing room, so what else?

Deep clean the kitchen: check
Deep clean the living room:check
Deep clean the bathroom: check
Have new windows put in the house: check
Fix soft spots in the floor: check (to undo and create more cleaning: check)
Work on school work: check
Sew by hand: check
Have husband wish the sewing machine was back: check

Yup, he is happy with the cleaning and the progress around the house, but he is ready for the sewing machine to be back. I find that funny.

We scheduled the work around the house, and I knew there would be school work, but sometimes you just need to sew something. That is when the hand piecing came out.

I got out this project. I have been working on it awhile. These pieces are 2 inches finished. When ever I have some scraps left over I cut them into two and half inch squares and throw them into a bag with the rest of them.
When I get some time on my hands, I draw a sewing line on the squares.

Then, when I feel like sewing by hand, I pull out this bag of squares, grab some light squares and some dark squares, and sew them together.
That is what I have been doing while my sewing machine is in the shop waiting on a light.
I sew squares of ten by ten, so that there is one hundred squares in a block. Usually they are all the same, but when I looked at these blocks I found that there is one block that has one repeat. I think I like that there is a repeat in there. Makes me smile.
This is a long term project and I do not know when or if I will finish it. I just like the idea of taking a project where ever I go and being able on work on it. I even took this to the doctor's office.
What do you do when your sewing machine is in for maintenance?


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