Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bury the Knot

My mom, sister, and I went to see the sisters/aunts and nieces and nephews/ cousins again.
I delivered two baby quilts while we were there. One for a little girl who is almost a year-old and one due in October.
With the machine getting home just in time for me to quilt and bind the wavy quilt for he little girl (at one o'clock of the morning we left), I did not have time to bury any knots or take pictures before leaving.
So, on the way there, I finished it up and took some pictures.
Usually I drive everywhere we go, but this time my sister insisted on driving. That did not bother me one bit. So, I took the time to finish it off.

She caught me working. Look at that cute little smile.

There was only three knots to bury: the two ends of the thread on the binding and a place in the middle. So, I did not need a lot of time to finish it up, just needed to do it.
I had completely forgotten about needing to do this (must have been the late time getting in bed), but I noticed it while we were taking pictures. Then I looked through my purse and found the needle that I have in there and the scissors that I always carry (does this make me strange?) and finished it up.

I will be posting the finished quilt later this week. So, glad to have the sewing machine home and to be able to catch up on some quilts.

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