Monday, April 1, 2013

Chevron Finish

I cannot believe that I actually did it! I finished this entire quilt in a week!
It gives me hope that I can actually do that! I never ever thought it was possible for me!
I see so many people who do, and I sorta envy them making so many quilts in a year while I flounder. So, yeah this is awesome!

With the quickness of this quilt, I did not get great pictures (at least I don't think they are that great). I took them the morning of the baby shower while the sun was still shining. It was a lovely morning with just enough sun to take these pictures before the rain moved in.

I was going to take a few more before the shower but then it was raining and it was time to party and all that so... Here is a snap of the back.

And another of the front.

And here with the rest of the goodies. I am happy to report that she LOVES it. She knew exactly who it was from as soon as she started pulling it out (without looking at the card).
Anyways, I did not get a measurement or pictures of the binding :(, but since she is not far away and I know will let me take a few more pictures be looking for a few updates. :)
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