Friday, March 29, 2013

Chevron Basting

So, yesterday before I ran off to visit my sister and mother, I squared up the quilt, pieced a backing, and basted the layers together.

I kept the points. I am certain that I will do something with them...eventually.

This is when I realized that this is the first quilt I have ever made on-point!

I did not get a picture of the back (sorry). I guess it will have to wait until the full reveal.

I baste with safety pins now, but I am looking at alternatives. I like safety pins because they can be reused. Is there anything else that you use that can be reused to baste with another time?

Now I am considering how I want to quilt it. I am thinking about this "honeycomb" method and this "wavy" method. Oh, the many options to quilt it!

So, since my husband is working today *quivering lip*, I will quilt this so it will be ready for the baby shower tomorrow.

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