Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Auburn Quilt Finish/ First 2013 Finish

First finish of 2013! The Auburn scrap quilt it complete! Woop woop!
I know a lady who will be so happy to have this quilt.
She knows that there is an Auburn project being worked on for her, but she does not know that it is a quilt or that it is this quilt.
I wasn't very excited about the quilting at first. It is my first attempt at making organic waves using my new walking foot. I put it to the side for a day and took it up again. I really started to like it after that. It looks really nice all over the quilt. Straight lines seem sort of boring now, but I still love them.
I also got to finally use my clips for their intended purpose. You know to hold the binding in place rather than using them to hang quilt tops on trees or gates for pictures. Which they are very handy doing. So, I see them being used for that purpose in the future when I cannot find a quilt model. hehe
It is a nice sized lap quilt at 51"x39"

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