Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AU Scrap Quilt

I finished my Auburn quilt top.
I used many scraps from the Syracuse quilt.
If you live in Alabama you know that there are only two teams that matter. They are Auburn University and the University of Alabama.
FYI-I am a Nebraska fan.
This quilt is a gift for someone. I am sure that she does not read my blog, so we are safe.
I have been planning to make an AU quilt for said friend for about a year and decided that instead of purchasing all new fabric I would use what I had and just make it already.
I think it turned out very nice using the scraps. I did buy the darker AU fabric for this quilt because there was just not enough AU in the quilt and it needed some thing darker or blue or something. I think it really made it better.
I went in search of somewhere nice to take pictures of the quilt top. I think that this is a nice location. Since all the leaves have fallen off of the trees already, the holly (I think that is holly) tree worked great.
The wind was yet again trying to sabotage me.

I thought I would try a different location for pictures and stopped at this house. The front gate was the perfect size for my quilt. That house is so pretty I may have to take more pictures here. Maybe when I finish this quilt I will take it back to this house for a finished picture.
The wind was less a problem here, yay!
I am not far from finishing this quilt. I started quilting it and did not like the quilting so I put it to the side. Now I like the quilting, but the tension did not like me well. I may be pulling out quilting anyways :(.

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