Friday, December 21, 2012


Yes, quilters are crazy. When we are a little stressed we go to pieces.
I am sure that you have all heard this by now, but it is still so funny AND so true. To help you understand how "crazy" we quilter are, I started looking for a few other "crazy" quilt blogs and I have found a few.

Crazy About Quilts

Crazy Mom Quilts (my favorite all time blog)

Crazy Old Ladies

I am sure that there are a LOT more crazy quilter out there. I just can't find them in a quick search. Also, you can't mention how crazy we are without mentioning crazy quilts.

Crazy Quilting International looks interesting.

Crazy Sticker loves crazy quilts

We may all be a little crazy and of course we come with strings attached.

If you are a crazy quilter (like me) embrace the crazy. It is so much more fun.

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