Thursday, June 14, 2012

Replacing a Lost Quilt: Mission Accomplished

Mission accomplished!
in the shade

I put all of the blocks together and took this picture before putting the borders on.
Don't you love the speaker and part of my computer in the picture?

almost a finished top
After I had the blocks sewn together long way (top to bottom) with the sashes between the top and/or bottom of each block, I measure how long it was so that I could get a measurement for the remaining sashes. I was hoping that it would not measure over 44" so that I could just cut from selvage to selvage.

Unfortunately it was bigger. I do not like to sew sashes together if I can help it. I just prefer the look of one long slender cut. So more thinking cap...

Fortunately I was given approximately six yards of the green fabric for this project. If I was careful I would have enough to cut the sashes, borders, and binding and still have enough for the backing.

I did the math and thankfully it was close enough (math is not my strong point).

With the sashes being two and half inches finished I started cutting. Instead of adding half and inch for seams (so three inches), I cut it two and a half inches! So, I just put it aside for the binding. I still had more than enough for the borders, the sashes, and the binding left, but still. Talk about being nervous!

I finished the top and started quilting.

I marked lines in between the blocks and started quilting.

setting sunlight
It has minimal quilting. I wanted to quilt it more, but I could not really quilt in the blocks and it was not easy to see on the fabric.
This quilt turned out to be a LOT bigger than I expected. Measuring: 53x55"
Doesn't it look so different in the setting sunlight?
I am happy to report that the recipient loved it.
Can you tell which three has muslin behind them?

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