Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Replacing a Lost Quilt Details

This quilt was very straight forward.

The blocks were already made and all I had to do was put them together using sashing. To prepare, I was cutting the blocks into a more uniform rectangle. This was working until I found that there were three blocks that did not want to lie flat.

No matter what I did to cut or iron it, it would not lie straight. I did not know what I would do. I was worried that if I left it the way it cut that it would not sew straight, the sashing that would not lie straight, and the quilt would have this big wave. So, I put on my thinking cap. Thinking.......

What if I basted the block to something to stabilize it? That could work. Then I can cut that down to size and sew the basting stitches inside the seam. Why not? We use muslin for all sorts of stabilization of blocks.

Perfect! I decided right away to use muslin and later (after already using muslin) thought about paper.

I basted as close to the edge and keep the sewing as straight as I could and stitched the folds in so that they would remain permanent.

Then I cut the block to size.
It worked perfectly! So, I repeated with the other two worrisome blocks.
Continued success!

I cut the rest to size and began to sew on the sashing. After sewing a couple this happened.

I sewed the sashing on backwards! I am just glad that it only happened once and in a small piece. I dislike working with the seam ripper, but who does?

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