Friday, October 17, 2014

Is This a 2? I Think So!

After trying out paper piecing (and not really enjoying it) to make a two, I was disappointed to find that it looked more like a Z than a 2.

I went in search of a better way to make a numbers (since I was making 2016) and found a wonderful pieced pattern for numbers, letters, and punctuation from Moda! Seriously, I enjoyed piecing this number much better!

And it looks like a two! The measurements were for an 8"x11.5". I did not want these to be that big, so I cut the measurements in half. it did not work the way I expected. The size was a little bit different from what I expected.

So, I made the one the same way, and it was a good inch longer than the two.

I started thinking about how this being off would affect the six and the zero. I figured that the width would not matter since they were going to be side by side. I could cut the bottom off of the one to make it work, but that would not work for the six and the zero.

When I looked at the six it was separated into five sections from the top to the bottom just like the two, so it should work by making it the same as the two.

I held my breath and made the six. It worked! They were the same height!

Then for the zero. I figured I could trim the middle section to match the middle section (in the same area) of the two and six and make it work. Sure enough it worked also. All of the pieces are about four inches high and different widths. Which is perfect!

I am going to trim some of the white on the side of the one so that it looks more like a date rather than some numbers crammed together.

Now to trim the one, place a slim piece of white fabric between the two and one, and sew this bad boy together.

The moral of this story is: don't get discouraged and make it do.

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