Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pink Lemonade Quilts

I finally finished this quilt! Okay, okay, you got me. It was, HAS been finished...quilted that is. All it needed was a binding! Yet it sat beside the sewing machine looking at me and waiting! I started cleaning the sewing space and decided that one way to do that was to put a binding on this quilt and give it to the little girl who is nearing one. What took me so long!!!
It is a beautiful quilt and very similar to the other with subtle differences. There is more quilting on this one than the other, and most of it is my go to favorite wave. There is some straight line stich-in-the-ditch quilting that is hard to see if you are not looking.
When I gave them this quilt they put it on the floor for the little girl, who is crawling and trying to walk, and she crawled right to it. She laid her head on it. She left a few times but always came back and either sat or laid on it. Once, she tried to turn it over while sitting on it and got grumpy when the dog stepped on it. I am rather sure that she loves it.
The backing is the same monkey print that was so cute. I still have a LOT of this fabric left so you may see it used in the future. ;)
I realize that I did not post any pictures of the other quilt all finished. I finished it in March and planned to take pictures together when I got the binding on this, but then I decided to give the other one since it was finished.
The back is the same, but the binding is different.
Also, for some reason, which is maddening, I am unable to post the pictures, taken with my cell phone, that I have of it here!
Here is the last post that I wrote about these two quits.
Updated 23 November 2013: here is the picture of the other quilt finished! I was finally able to figure out a way to upload this picture. The back is the same fabric as the other. The quilting on this one has wavy quilting in the light pink fabric and several straight lines on the pieced coins.

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