Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Iron

Five years ago I broke my iron. So that I could finish the baby quilt I was working on for the arrival my nephew, I "borrowed" an iron from my mother-in-law (this was her second grand baby). She told me at that time to not worry about it because she had bought a new one anyways. (Thank you Lisa for loaning me the iron.)
Well, it never made its way back. I have used it well making many quilts in these past five years.

I do not know its age exactly, but I think that it is over ten years old. It has my sister-in-law's (the one who had the baby) name on it from when she took it to Atlanta when she was a senior in high school. That was about ten years ago.

It is not fancy. It does not have a timer to shut off, a sprayer on the front, or anything else fancy like that, but it has worked great. Just right for pressing quilt pieces.

This past winter my husband and I were watching "Quilty" on PBS. Mary Fons was using an iron that would lift up on its own. Right away my husband said that I should get an iron like that.

I am one of those people who doesn't replace something that isn't broken. My "borrowed" iron worked just fine, thank you. Still we looked a little for irons, but I was just not going to get an iron while I still had a working one.

Well, about three weeks ago my "borrowed" iron began to leak. It was leaking brownish water on my fabric. Let me tell you it was a sad day.

I went on-line and found the iron and in just a little while it arrived on my porch.

So far I have been enjoying it. It doesn't leak on my fabric, so that is a plus.

Check out Quilty's homepage. I find it helpful and fun.

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