Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A tutorial on how to make the pinwheel block

I made two quilts the summer of 2007 for two little boys who were born two months and four stares apart. To save time I made both of the quilts using the same pattern and same material. The quilts are scrappy and different in arrangement/ placement of blocks with other slight differences including different backings.
My inspiration for this quilt came from Quilt Almanac 2007 pgs 54-56.

You need 4 squares the same size of two different colors (most of the time the directions will tell you what size to cut the squares. I usually round it up to the closest ¼ inch so that I can trim it down to the size I want).

On the back of the light colored square draw a diagonal cut line from corner to corner (not pictured) and a ¼ of an inch sew line on either side of the cut line (I used this nifty tool I found at the quilt store that already has the sew lines measured).

Sew on the lines

Cut on the cut line (or from corner to corner)

Press open, press toward the dark fabric, and trim

Arrange new half square triangles into blocks
Sew together in couples
Press open, press toward the dark fabric. It is ok that there is an area between the points and the edge of the fabric. This is the seam allowance and will meet together to make the points.
Sew the pair together

Press open. I like to remove the top two or three stitches and press the center open like a fan to distribute bulk. If you do this you will notice a mini pinwheel on the back.

There you have it a finished block. Make different color combinations and sew together.
Have fun!

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