Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blue Strips

Here it is! Blue Strips is finished. 
I know you were wondering what I was doing with this.
It became this!
This is right before adding the binding.
You knew there would be a picture of my wonderful kitchen floor in here somewhere.
Most of the strips are the same width or very close. I did not do that intentionally. I wanted there to be some big pieces and some little pieces. I just did not think about how "little" can be relative. Oh well, I still love how it turned out.
Originally there was only blue in the quilt, but it need a resting place. I had the white strips already cut, so they were added. I think they look perfect in this quilt. They make the quilt pop!
 I did not have a glorious quilt model to help me with the pictures, but that is OK. These are still some great pictures.

The backing is a great print. I prefer to use a print of some sort that will hide any imperfects. You know I have my share of those. This print hide them very well.

I used the wavy quilting pattern on this. I really like the wave because it is easy and quick plus it looks impressive.
Here is that lovely backing fabric and some of the binding. I love this quilt and I hope the recipient loves it too.
measurement: 51"x 40"

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Gemini Jen NZ said...

This is very cool! Blue is my favourite colour. Good job!