Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bandana Pants

This summer I have been on a sewing spree. I have been making bandana pants instead of studying like I should. (haha!)

Last summer I saw a girl wearing a pair of bandana pants, and in May I got curious. I researched how to make bandana pants and then went looking for bandanas. I was visiting my sister in TN and bought around 40 bandanas (2 are needed per pair of pants). There were all sorts of colors and then different patterns. I went crazy! This was going to be so much fun!

I started making the pants for my niece and nephew (4 & 3), who could wear these pants for play time without worry since they only cost about 2 dollars each and 15 minutes to make. I made about 5 without elastic not knowing their waist size.

My sister-in-law was overjoyed about them when she saw them. I measured my niece’s waist and finished the pants for her. I hear reports that she, my niece, loves them. Reports are that she would not take them off one day, and another is that she said her aunt Brittany made them and she loves them. She loves clothes anyways, but these are special!

After this response I made more including finishing the one for my nephew, a dress for my youngest niece and two dress/tops for my little clothes lover.

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